The Price of Immortality

4th Neth - The Journey Home

Account by GM.

After defeating Asar, the group retrieved the everflame and spoke with the restless ghost of Kassen. Investigating the remaining room they discovered an empty tomb and a recently deceased human wearing an iron mask and carrying curious items. Ozzy recognised the masks belonging to the cult of Razmir.

The weather outside the crypt was bitter and recent snowfall had made the ground treacherous underfoot and difficult to navigate. As such the party became lost when they began following footprints in the snow that began from the crypt entrance. Some miles later, travelling in what they believed was the direction of Kassen, they became aware that they were now completely lost in the wilderness.

Whilst the party halted to gather their bearings, Genna strayed further along the trail of the footprints. There she discovered a half frozen Roldare. With the impending night upon them and the life of Roldare in their hands, the party decided to make a fire and camp where they stood.

Unbeknownst to all, they were camping next to the home of an assassin vine. Famished from the lack of organic material and prey, made even more scarce by the recent weather, the vine hoped that leaving Roldare intact for as long as possible would attract other ‘meals’.

As such, the party were woken in the night by vegetation entangling them from underneath where they lay. At this time, Genna had been on watch and her keen instinct had noticed the vine emerging from underneath the snow. A frantic battle against the vine ensued, catching the party asleep and unarmed nearly proved to be their undoing. Nalmae and Berrick were almost killed when grappled and smothered by the vines, whilst others took serious damage. Luckily the group pulled together and defeated the vine at the very last moment.



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