The Price of Immortality

Session 1 - 1st of Neth

crypt of the everflame

The party consisting of a ragtag group of youngsters were called by Mayor Uptal to meet in the town square at noon. Where they were circled by townsfolk dressed all in black. Mayor Uptal set them on their quest to retrieve the everflame from the crypt of Kassen. An annual tradition, marking the remembrance of the town’s founder. The flame serves to protect the town through the winter months and light the heart of all those that live there. This year the pilgrimage to the crypt was seen as a rite of passage into adulthood for the selected youngsters of the town.

Armed with a rusty lantern and winter provisions supplied by the town, the party set forth into the unknown following a torn map.

After setting out, the group were ambushed by a group of orcs. However it was apparent that the beasts were actually an illusion. The scent of pipe tobacco was sensed coming from the nearby woodland, the hallmark of the town wizard.

Resting the night at the first landmark, the ‘Open Glade’, the party were set upon by starving wolves. They managed to defeat them, aided heavily by the protection that their camping spot provided.

The next day they came upon the Gray Lake, where they investigated the remains of a dead body next to the edge of the lake. Clothes that of someone not from Kassen. On his body were newly minted coins bearing the likeness of Field Marshall Gavirk of Tamran.

Onward to the edge of Serpent Gorge where the rain made the ground even more treacherous under foot. The descent proved easy for some of the party, whilst not for others. Berrick suffered a sprained ankle after falling all the way to the bottom of the gorge.

At the bottom of the gorge the party witnessed a gruesome sight. Outside the entrance to the crypt were slain horses, still tethered to their posts. A pile of broken bones lay underneath one of the corpses.

Entering the crypt they discovered a couple of bodies amongst a room full of ancient bones. They recognised the deceased as townsfolk from Kassen. Shortly after the bones rose to form undead skeletons.

The party bested the skeletons and were left with an enigma. Something had gone wrong at the crypt. The threat of danger was now a real one where before it was sensed as more of a harmless rite of passage into adulthood.



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