Genna ['Padfoot']

An orphan 16 year old rogue. Semi - literate. parentage rather uncertain; Padfoot is a nickname she has adopted


Genna’s diary. No grone ups alowd

‘Well ere i am, casing ol stinky’s shop for a little hit, rite. well gal’s gotta mak a livin, rite?
Anyway, next fing i nos, some ol groan up wants me ta go and do some stupid right or somfing. wel, betes this ol stuffy vilige, eh?
so of I gows with some right ol jerkz. dares dis stupid farmer boy, finks eh is gud wid a sord but he cant hit a barn dor wid a bric. Kinda cute tho in a moon faced wai.
An den dares ol lofty…..i loikes windin im up. an som stuck up ol cow oo finks he is beta at nickin stuff. Oo got the chickin, then, missi? ma be I’ll trow er a boan or sumfing.
oo, i nerly fergit, dares som ol bint wid an animel too.’

ani won redin dis widot mi per misson is gona get a daga up der arse.’


I hates f’ing zombies. I hates f’ing frogs. An I reelly, reelly hates bats, an i hates dis f’ing dungeonm iz cold, wet and smellie. Jus like bleedin’ Kassen reely.
Farmer boy is lookin up tho. Ez found is sord arm at last. Nice pecs too. I nose dat coz i seen im swimmin in der buf.

Wel we got to der boss geezer, an we kilt it no trooble reelly. Dis ol’ bint was outa it on some old altar. Den dis Kassen geezer pops up, ’ee give me dis nice perl. an i cun chuc acid at fings now too. Fings is lookin up!

I wanna get bac to Kassen now. it ain’t much but iz ome, innit? an I got dis perl now too. praps anti wil gis uz mor respekt now.
an i bet im beta at nikin chikinz too. mabe i will be an earo wen i getz bac. praps dem bardie fellas wil songs of me.
Hey, ow mani chikinz dos a perl buy?

[rit bi genna padfoot-de earoin of Kassen down a smellie old ol somwere]

Genna ['Padfoot']

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