Ozric Temple "Ozzy the Odd"

Tall, thin, pale skin, black wild hair and sparse beard, large watery blue eyes constantly staring off into an unknowable distance


Ozric Temple “Ozzy the Odd”
Age 17, 6’ 5", 160lb, pale blue eyes, black hair
Cleric Lvl 1 – Pharasma Domains:- Knowledge, Water
St 13 Dx 10 Cn 15 It 17 Wm 17 Ch 13
AC:- 16 (10 + Armour + Shield) Base Attack +0
CMB +1 CMD +11
Fortitude +4 Ref +0 Will +5

Heavy Mace +1 to hit x2 Crit D8 Dam Bludg
Dagger +1 to hit 19-20/x2 crit D4 Dam Piercing
Light Crossbow +0 to hit 19-20/x2 D8 Dam Piercing


Found on the steps of the Temple as a child Ozric was raised by clerics and priests, his intelligence and wisdom surpassed any of his young age and he was one of the youngest to graduate as a Cleric at the age of 17.
Due to his unsettling nature and penchant for the macabre it was decided that Ozric should be trained in the ways of the goddess Pharasma rather then the temples patron deity, he is already well versed in the rites to lay out the dead and help them to Pharasma’s judgement. Rarely has he ever been called upon to under take the rites of birth.
The people of the village have always found him disconcerting to be around with his habit of looking through people when talking to them.

Ozric Temple "Ozzy the Odd"

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