West Midlands Roleplaying and Gaming Group
Hosted in Cannock, Staffordshire, UK.

Using the Pathfinder System and Inner Sea Campaign Setting

GM: Dan Thompson

Player Characters:
Crow – Ozric “Ozzy the Odd” Temple (Cleric)
Darren – Nalmae Fleetfoot (Rogue)
Jeremy – Genna (Rogue)
John – Berrick Nadrash (Fighter)
Michael – Misty Moon (Druid) & Feral (Wolf Companion)

You’re not adventurers and you’re most certainly not heroes. You’re youngsters that are coming to the age when you’re expected to settle down, get married and find work in the small town you’ve grown up in.

That town is known as Kassen. It’s a small town on the Tourondel River in the Fangwood of Nirmathas. You’ve never been outside the confinements of the town and you know of few people who have besides traders and the occasional passing travelers.

Since birth its been instilled into you that the town offers safety and protection from the untamed wild land that surrounds it. You’ve been told the stories of the children foolish enough to leave the confinements of the village walls, their bloody demise was fuel for your nightmares and enough for you to know that you’d never stray from the grounds of the village.

The winter winds are beginning to blow. It is fast approaching the 4th of Neth, the most important date in Kassen’s calendar. This is the day in which the entire community pay their respects to Ekat, the founder of Kassen.

Except the ceremony this year will be different, you know because you’ve seen the worry in your parent’s eyes and you’ve noticed the strange way that the adults have been treating you. You’ve remembered the ceremony that takes place every year, though this year you sense your involvement will be more than just standing in the crowd.

There’s a knock at the door of your family home. Outside stands the messenger of the Mayor Uptal. You are requested to visit him tomorrow at his home. You are filled with an enormous sense of foreboding. That night your dreams are filled with visions of the everflame, the torch that burns in the heart of the town through the winter months.

The Price of Immortality

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