The Price of Immortality

In Search of the Everflame

What new drudgery is this? Called from my duties by the towns mayor to trudge beyond the walls accompanied by those who would be considered my peers. For what? To recover the Everflame and return it to the town square, an important rite for the year to come but surely more suited to those who are to be my companions. Never the less it is my duty as a cleric to undertake the religious rites of the town.

Journeying into the woods I watch with interest the reactions of those around me. They show little understanding of what we are undertaking. From nearby bushes three monstrous humanoids attacked us, the young street female shouted “They are not real!” and to give her credit she was correct, we spotted a figure fleeing the scene which gave me my first inclination that this is some form of foolish jest to test us. With the help of Misty, a tree worshipper as far as I am able to understand, which tree is not exactly clear, we made our way further into the forest. While we rested a small pack of wolves attacked us in search of food but were swiftly dealt with.

Once more we set out on our journey with the morning, the inane prattle of the woodsmans’ boy and the street rat soon became numbing so I permitted my mind to wander on the part that destiny plays in such journeys. We faced a new obstacle in the form of a steep rocky slope watching our agile comrades attempt the climb with mixed success, and the less then dextrous woodsmans’ son fall like the fool he seems intent on proving himself to be, I chose to make use of my shield as a sled to hasten my journey to the bottom of the narrow rocky valley, a mistake I will not repeat in future.

The entrance to the crypt in which we are supposed to find the everflame was marred by the corpses of horses showing signs of violence. Mayhap their jest has not gone to the plans of the people of the town?

Ozric Temple “Ozzy the Odd”



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